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The Puckooler Story

I work for an NHL team and one day at my desk I had a pen explode in an old coffee cup. This cup held all my writing utensils, scissors and such. Well ink was everywhere. Now you have to understand I have hockey pucks all over my office. As I was cleaning up, I was thinking, I want something cooler than a silly coffee cup again. I thought man, what if I bore out a few pucks, super glued them together, and made my own pen and pencil holder. So I did. I would not suggest trying this at home. Hockey pucks are dense rubber. That was a challenge! I started with a hole saw and $120.00 later I had an awesome drill press. Even with the drill Press it was a challenge as rubber can get VERY hot with friction. Nothing a little duck tape couldn't help with however. I eventually got it done and placed it on my desk. Everyone who stopped by raved about it. So... I went to talk to a patent attorney. We proceeded with the patent. Many challenges and road blocks popped up everywhere being brand new to product development and retail. It amazes me how anything can make it to market. This quickly turned from a thought or a hobby into a full blown Quest! Blows my mind what's involved to get something to the shelf for sale.

Anyways, in 2011 I was doing a little marketing around the Stanley Cup Finals and ran across a website call the GHL. The Global Hockey Loop. There was a small store with a couple of products there and the site looked very interesting. I thought maybe they'll buy a six pack for their store so I sent the CEO information on the Puckooler. Couple of days later, Ken Belanger (former NHL player) called me. We discussed the product and have formed a partnership. He was able to sign the legend Grant Fuhr as the face of the Puckooler and we started the slogan "The Puck Stops Here". Ken has been instrumental in streamlining and marketing the Puckooler.

Currently we are finalizing manufacturing and have plans for a nice campaign for the 2013-14 seasons but expect great things from the Puckooler during the 2014-15 seasons.

I have not received one negative response from the Puckooler from all who have bought it. It's catching on. In fact, if you haven't seen one you should. It's really cool. 4 real hockey pucks staked and hollowed out to hold a can, bottle, or your writing utensils on your desk. They look, feel, and smell just like 4 pucks as they are made of the same material as a hockey puck. With Christmas and birthdays, it's a totally cool gift under $10. Want to give something to a coach, or a buddy on your team, or a hockey fanatic, nothing beats it for the price. Inexpensive and just way cool.

Who knows where this thing will lead and I have a huge list of people to thank for the development of this product. THANK YOU, are and here we go.

One last thought, if you have an idea, perseverance is the key. As Jim Valvano said at the espy's, "Don't give up, don't ever give up!" Persevere, dreams can come true!


About Scott Jensen


Growing up in the suburbs of Denver Colorado, life was typical.  My mom had a nickname for me, "Fingers Magee".  I was always taking stuff apart to see how it worked.  Drove her crazy.  I remember trying to build a car out of model motors and scrap wood.  I remember winning State at the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby competition.  I can remember building schematics all the time for all sorts of projects.  The most elaborate would have been that paddleboat for 7th or 8th grade.  It was a co-project with a friend and when we flipped a coin, he got to keep the boat.  Man I was bummed.  After school I went to work for a graphics arts company and became a Denver nightclub DJ.  I developed a Beat Per Minute machine that would show you the tempo of a record when the needle was dropped on it.  I made some patent and engineering mistakes but today the Beat Per Minute machine is on every piece of software and hardware used in the DJ industry.  In 2000, I moved into video production which is where I am now.  I get to build and create everyday and have worked the last 10 years for the Colorado Avalanche as their primary video editor.  I have had the Honor to put together all the video elements for the Roy, Sakic and Forsberg retirement ceremonies.  A link to Forsberg's edit's are here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcH2cSeh9bs and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhvQRSh_9w8.

The road has been bumpy but worth it.  The latest is the Puckooler and a few other things up my sleeve.  It's going to be interesting to see where this all leads and I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for all the support.  Just goes to show, the little guy can make it!  Strive, persevere, don't EVER give up! -Scott Jensen


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